Winter, and rides of opportunity

shoot-11Winter is unpredictable. It could be blowing snow and a wind chill of -19. It could be almost 60. In the same week.

All this means, is when it looks nice, it’s time to ride. Don’t take it for granted, just get out and do it.

Denver has over 300 miles of bike paths. Sometimes, I don’t think this is that good of a thing, which is the topic of another post on another day. But I’m not ungrateful for those miles and miles of paths. Which is the topic of this post. There are many options on which way to travel. Generally, we don’t ride south on the Platte River trail from downtown. It leads to the suburbs and tends to be a bit crowded. Cherry Creek Trail is the same way, with the added joy of roadies blasting along at 20 mph. So largely, we prefer to ride north, towards the industrial side of town. shoot-12

The further north you go, the nicer it gets. Factories and power plants fade in to reservoirs and the Platte river, becoming a bit of the rural landscape in the middle of the city. Sometimes we’ll take a side ride up the Sand Creek, past the refinery and out to Stapleton. It used to be the airport, but now it’s a subdivision. Relics remain, though. Remnants of where the runways were, and an airplane graveyard.

I always enjoy these rides. Little slices of the pleasure of spinning petals and the purr of coasting. Glimpses in to the back parts of the city. Buzzing along through scenes no one else ever sees, unless they’re on a bicycle, too. A whole different city.

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