My first zine in a long time is now available.

I took these images over the course of traveling from Washington DC to San Fransisco CA aboard the California Zephyr and the Capitol Limited. As flawed as train travel is, I still find myself in love with it. As flawed as this country is, I still find myself in love with it as well. I feel this is my first swing at documenting long train travel. Some day, I need to circumnavigate the whole country, see what I can. But this was an excellent start.

It’s an odd size zine, but it is full color, full bleed. I hope it’s the first of a series of zines I put out as I wander. Train is one of my favorite modes, but I foresee at least one for each of my other favorites: bicycle, hiking boot, and 4Runner.

I’m taking reservations for copies on my other site- I’m setting that site up as a more meta view of my projects and costly quirks, er, hobbies. It will have a running journal of camera mods, more motion pictures, bike travel bags and strategies (I’m leaning toward calling this being a two wheel hobo,) a novel or four that progress in fits and starts, finally doing video work for myself, and travel.

Tolkien wasn’t one of my favorites growing up, but he was right about one thing: it is a dangerous business going out your door. You set foot on the road, and there’s no knowing where you might go.

So, come wander with me.

You can find the zine here!

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