vicarious adventure

Honestly, I have been little envious of late. I’ve watched some of your quarantine videos and read some of your tweets about having time to do things while the Shelter in Place orders are in effect.

I’ve been at work every day, probably more days and more hours since this broke out. First as part of a push to get everyone else sorted so they can work from home, then on a crazy project to take one of our core processes virtual. It’s been challenging, invigorating, and time consuming.

I’ve been insanely jealous of you folks who have had down time. I’ve watched you do yoga and paint and knit on YouTube while I was stuffing a sandwich down my throat and been downright green. It’s been ages since I picked up a camera. Well, a still camera that uses film. I did steal a couple of hours at work the other day and shoot video for a different project. It felt simultaneously odd, novel, and comfortingly familiar. A mashup of jarring emotions I hope goes away as I do it more often. I hope to bring my Contax RX in and shoot some film while I do it.

I opened the closet in my home office the other day, looking over my cameras stored on their shelves and missing what I used to do and find great joy in.

I want to drag out my medium format cameras and go shoot some big skies. I’ve been up at 3am, unable to sleep, tracing forest service roads and idly planning a trip to while away the hours. Planning side hikes and bike rides as we go.

I want to travel and take pictures of people I’ve met through photography, even though I haven’t taken a shot of a person in years. I’ve been missing portraits, somehow.

I don’t know what the world will look like on the other side of this. I’m pretty sure this planned trip of mine is at least a year away. But instead of making me more cautious about it, it makes me more curious. If we’re being honest, the way the world was working before wasn’t all that great. I’m hoping we take this opportunity to make some changes to make things better. I’d like to see that.

Work will level off soon, I hope. I’ll dust off a camera or two, wander the neighborhood afoot or on a bicycle, see what I can see. Then I’ll keep dreaming and planning until I can get outside in a meaningful way and cover some ground.


  1. April 26, 2020

    Sorry to hear about all the work. A letter is on the way. Hope you got the last one!

    • Andrew
      May 14, 2020

      Hey, nice work on that Konica! I’ve thought about one of those of a now and then.

      I’m a lousy person to correspond with. I have some paper and envelopes in my pack but I never get the time to sit down and write you. I’m sorry about that and I should be better about it.

      You keep safe, and keep healthy.

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