The story of that esoteric lens I use

During the 1990s, Contax produced the G series autofocus rangefinders. Honestly, I never quite figured out who these cameras were made for. I never really wanted to own one. But the lenses are things of beauty. They are all fantastic in build and image quality.

However, they are all autofocus, and a dead mount- they haven’t made a G series camera in almost 30 years. The odds of them being converted for use on a manual focus lens mount that’s been around for almost 70 years are so small, I’d of laughed if you told me it was going to happen.

And then it happened.

This is how I decided to buy a Funleader conversion lens. By fitting the lens groups from a 45mm f2 Planar in a brass helicoid, they gave a old lens a new life. Here’s the story of how I ended up owning one of these fantastic lenses.

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