The Space We Inhabit

Things change. Not always for the best, but sometimes the mere fact they are changing is a good thing. As I write this, 2020 is behind us in fact, but still in our minds. It was not, on the whole, a good year.

I seem to find front clips everywhere I go these days. Leica M2, Jupiter 8 with Urth adapter, Arista Ultra 400.

So many things changed. Few of them for the better. There was loss. Some of it permanent, some of it still with hope it can be reversed. The damage that was done is being repaired, and that is a very real affirmation that while we yet live, we can change things and work to make them better.

Everything is very much in flux. So many things we thought were set in stone were found to be writ on sand. But surprisingly, the sand held it’s shape. We got another chance, and I can not help but feel hopeful.

It feels good to smile. I haven’t done it much in a while.

Quonset Hut, Golden CO Leica M2, Jupiter 8 with Urth adapter, Arista Ultra 400

I love interstitial spaces. Half one way, half not, a transition between things, a buffer space meant to be empty to preserve either side, or forgotten space left alone. I get my most joy taking pictures of them, seeing past and future, safe and unsafe, change and stagnation in the same place. They crisscross our cities and towns, silent and sometimes overlooked demarcations. Both critical to the fabric of our shared world, and invisible.

Photographer and Wife Leica M2, TTartisan 35mm f1.4, Arista Ultra 400

We all inhabit one of these spaces now. I am excited to see where it leads us, and what it ends up being.

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