The phrase for the coming year

This year I got busy. Not on any of my personal projects, but other things. You know, work. When I get overwhelmed by too much I tend to hyper-focus. I handle things better that way but everything else gets neglected. This has to stop. I have neglected too many other things. Film backlog, getting out and getting gone more, two videos about spiffy gear with a possible third coming, a new website, and friends and family back east I have not seen since before the pandemic. The chances of getting enough time soon are low.

But you know what?

Fuck it, I’m making time.

I said this out loud to myself this morning. If I don’t do the things I want they will never get done. I have over ten weeks of paid vacation I haven’t taken, I am claiming that this year.

I took a bit to write a list of goals that I may or may not publish, but it’s a start.

From now on, I’m making time for what I want to do and what makes me happy.

Hope you join me.


  1. December 29, 2022

    I will be interested to know how/if you’ll use the ten weeks of vacation.

    • Andrew
      December 30, 2022

      I will use what I can, but most of it will just stay banked. I wish I could take off for months, I have several trips picked that would take that long, but in the US, being away from work that long is not realistic.

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