Many life changes are afoot. New responsibilities at work that come with long hours have me away and working. We have purchased our first house, and are moving and fixing a few things up. We have a new neighborhood with a real commute to work, and easy access to the High Line Canal Trail, giving us over 70 miles of new-to-us gravel to ride. Steph is already planning a circumnavigation of Denver on bike, maybe a century and a half of riding.

I hope there will be an announcement concerning the publication date of the first effort of the Rocky Mountain Film Photographers Society soon. There will be many new projects to follow.

Once the moving is done, you’ll be hearing from me.

The photo was taken somewhere out in Weld County Colorado, along the highway, in the company of Dan and Craig en route to a shoot. I used a Kodak Medalist loaded with Ilford Delta 400.

Seasons change, the road does not

Abruptly, it seems like fall. Warm weather was late to arrive this year, and it snowed all the way in to May. Late to the party, the heat didn’t want to leave on time, and it’s been in to the 80s more days than it should have been in October. So the arrival of rain, temps in the 40s, and a freeze warning all at once felt like an eviction notice for summer.

I love fall. I love the turning of seasons. If this season could be made a few months longer, I’d love to see it happen. I’ve written how I look to the mountains and wait for fall. This year I felt like I was racing it, somehow.

I’m working on a project and it seems like I can never get enough time to go out and shoot for it. Too many hours at work. Too many days tied up in a thousand other things. But when I do get out, I’m off to a forgotten place, to try to remember it.

I’ve taken to the back roads, and spent more than I usually do on gasoline this year. Everywhere I’ve been has been too far to bicycle. Well, not too far to bicycle in miles, but rather in time. I have to fight my schedule to make a hole for the freedom to go. I’d love to revisit some of these places on a bike, taking advantage of the flat road of the eastern part of the state.

shoot-455But for now, I keep a bag packed and ready. I keep film and camera close to hand for when I can escape. The road is calling me now, but I’m in for the weekend, I think. The next one is up for grabs, though. I should burn some vacation time, since it’s overflowing.

I frequently think of the Tolkien quote about the road being dangerous. That you put your feet on it, and you never know what will happen. You may well get swept away. The attraction of that particular danger, though, is very strong.