This has not been a good year.

I think 2016 will go down in history as our annus horribilis. It started well, but that did not last. The losses of brilliant artists and friends, the decay of society, and politics have made this year such that I am not sorry to see it go.

I haven’t done well with my photography. There was a lot of suck in 2016. What gives me hope is when I find an image I’ve nailed. It’s like I’ve succeeded in spite of what was going on around me. Mind you, there aren’t many of these, but when I find them, I take heart.

I’ve made some moves for the better, I think. I may buy a single body in 2017, but that’s all. I may buy a couple of lenses, but probably not many. I’m focusing on mastering what I have, not adding more. The two most recent cameras I have purchased, above, will be my backbone for some time.

I’ll be doing more, going out more, this coming year as well. We didn’t take a tour this year, and I missed it. I’m finding the move we made to the suburbs is leading us both to be more sedentary, and that is not good in any way.

I had hoped the book I am part of would be done before Xmas, but that did not happen. Hopefully it can be done before long and I can move on with the related projects that logically follow it. After that, I will be working on a new project that I’ll be starting on in the new year.

So, congratulations. We survived this year. With any luck, we will survive the one to come. And with exemplary luck and determination, we can survive in spite of what it throws at us.

Wishing us all luck and determination.