Settling in to a happy place

I find myself in a very good place

I was gifted a couple of wonderful pens over xmess, and yesterday I went and bought an excellent Lamy journal. Lovely paper, with enough weight to prevent bleed through. I think I have a new favorite.

I also picked up a novel since it is hard to go to a book store and not do that.

I came home and ordered more ECN-2 chemicals. Looked in vain for more re-loadable 35mm cassettes. Checked on a surprise shipment, and fiddled with a script for my next video.

Things are becoming more clear, easier.

I’ve settled in to a few cameras that I use. The Leica M2. The Nikon F2. The Voightlander Bessaflex TM. The Medalist I. To a lesser degree, the Contax RX. My converted Polaroid 4×5 and by Speed Graphic. I don’t seem to need much else.

So, some work on a video and some development experiments on my day off. Finishing some choices for a new website for a salon of photographers based here in the Intermountain West. Starting implementation of it soon after.

I fiddle with social media a little, but mostly I don’t. Changes that nudge me further along toward a calm, comfortable place and way of doing things. I’m cautiously optimistic this may be the way things will work in the future.

Happy 2023, folks.


  1. January 2, 2023

    Happy 2023, Andrew! Look forward to seeing what you’re up to.

    Another recommendation for fountain-friendly journals is Rhodia. I’ve been using them a lot over the past few years. You can also get them in a few different sizes–I prefer small A6 journals.

    As for camera choices, does this mean you really don’t use your XAs anymore?

    • Andrew
      January 4, 2023

      Haven’t tried the Rhodia yet, they are on the list. And I haven’t used my XAs in a bit. One’s still in my seat bag, waiting for the snow to end in spring.
      Happy 2023 Shawn!

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