Two things happen every time I travel: I come back to the same old, and then I get sick.

When I visit somewhere out of the country, I usually come back with ideas and observations. Things like, you know, French people are far more relaxed than Americans. No wonder they live longer. It was nice to spend 6 days bicycling back roads in the country and never have a huge pickup truck roll coal on me once.

Travel teaches us, or at least gives us opportunities to learn new things from other people and maybe adopt these ideas and attitudes. Learning new things and adopting them to better ourselves is one of the best things about traveling.

The worst, of course, is the crush of work when you get back followed by the inevitable illness. That’s eaten most of the three weeks I have been back, so no film has been developed yet. I have a long weekend coming, so I have high hopes that will happen soon.

In the mean time, the above photo is of happy cyclists commuting down Rue de Tilsitt, captured from our room in Maison Albar- Le Champs-Elysees. The last morning of our perfect, perfect trip. I feel almost homesick for it, in a strange way.

Back with more soon.

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