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shoot-396A couple of weeks back, Stephanie and I were interviewed by Tim Mooney of the Pedalshift Project. The Pedalshift Project is a podcast about bicycle touring I’ve listened to since it began to glean information about touring, and hear some common experiences from other riders. I have been listening to podcasts in general for a long time, and it was fantastic to be on one.

Tim is a bicycle tourist based out of Washington DC, and I had listened to his tour posts from the GAP/C&O ride he took a month or so before we rode the same path with interest. It was like getting your own pre-ride report. It’s also a bit of community I always miss when I’m not on the trail. That’s the only part of bicycle touring I think is lacking is the social one. When you’re on a tour, especially if you’re using a trail or a route, you meet like-minded folks and spend your meals and some evenings talking with them and you’re part of a community. But when you’re out of the community and in the middle of that thing that happens between tours (I think they call that “real life”) it’s nice to have some way of keeping touch with it.

I do listen to a few other podcasts, but there aren’t that many that touch on my interests. As a result, I spend a lot of time refreshing my feed impatiently and waiting for something new to come down the pike. When Tim goes on tour he will post little snippets from the road and that helps keep things interesting.

In addition to Pedalshift Project, I do listen to a few other podcasts:

The Sprocket Podcast was the first bicycle related podcast I listened to. It’s pretty Portland-centric, but they talk bikes, beer, and transit, so it’s all good.

I caught the Film Photography Podcast on its second episode, and have stayed with it since 2009. It’s nice to hear some other folks geek out about film cameras and gear, plus they bring some unique emulsions to the market as well.

Pdexposures Podcast is a Portland based film photography show (I see a trend here). Their opinionated, ranty brit seems to have left the show, but they’re still at it. It’s been especially helpful lately, with them touching on self-publishing.

The Classic Camera Revival is a new one that talks about great classic cameras. Like the intro says, it can feed your G.A.S. They’re from Canada, and while they’re very polite, I still haven’t heard one of them go “eh?”

Putting together this list, I did notice a couple of things. Podcasts seem to be bi-coastal in origin (except for the Canadians). I haven’t found much relevant from the center of the country. Also, while there are quite a few podcasts on the outdoors and some other tangentially related activities, there doesn’t seem to be anything about Amtrak out there.

Give a listen to Tim interviewing Steph and I and join in with his podcast.


Link List:

Pedalshift Project

Sprocket Podcast

Film Photography Podcast


Classic Camera Revival



  1. July 18, 2015

    “Also, while there are quite a few podcasts on the outdoors and some other tangentially related activities, there doesn’t seem to be anything about Amtrak out there.”

    Well, looks like you have to start one! 😉

    • Andrew
      July 18, 2015

      Ha! I don’t know if the world is ready to hear me ramble on a regular basis.

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