Plans have changed

This is not how I planned to be spending my time.

It’s weird to think that a month ago, I had very different plans. Also, a different job, a different life. The concerns I had then are still with me, but there has been a pile on of new ones. Still, I’m doing well. So much better than it could be.

I walked around the building I work in and snapped some shots of how empty it is with my phone. It’s usually bustling, visitors and hundreds of workers inside. There are less than thirty of us designated essential still at work. I haven’t looked at most of the pictures yet. Still a bit raw.

I was supposed to be packing to fly to DC, taking a bit of time to test my camera loadout for my later trip. Instead I’m putting things back on shelves for a while. My beloved and I were planning on a trip to Europe to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc. I was wondering if we could work in a side jaunt to visit a friend in Germany. Maybe we can reschedule for next year.

In the mean time, I’m focusing on what can be done. Preventative steps such as social separation, and washing hands as if it is going to be outlawed are the order of the day.

It’s a weird world we live in now. We need to help each other though it.

To that end, some ideas.

If you have the cash, order takeout from your favorite restaurant. Help their remaining staff get paid, make sure the place is still open after this is over for the workers to have someplace to come back to. Tip your delivery driver absurdly. They are assuming risk for you, after all.

Check on neighbors. See what needs doing and take care of it. Share resources.

When things reopen, patronize the places that shut to take care of their employees. Reinforce positive behavior. Shun those who didn’t.

If you have a favorite creative, send them cash. If you have a friend in the gig economy struggling to stay afloat, buy them groceries.

We are all in this together. Either we all matter or none of us does. We are all working separately for now. We will need to work together to fix the damage and prevent this from happening again when it is over.


An aside: if you are going to lecture me about how this is not real, or spend time spouting conspiracy theories, or use it as an excuse for racist tendencies you have, kindly shut up and let the adults talk. I’m going to rely on science and facts. Good luck to you who rely on other things. You’ll need it.

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  1. geoff little
    March 23, 2020

    more power to you–and me

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