Intention and thoughtfulness

This is going to be a two separate thoughts in one post. One about now, one about what is to come.

I wrote that 2016 was a horrible year I would like to forget. That did not age well.

I’ve written before that the end of the year signifies nothing, really. That you can make changes in yourself and your world whenever you want to and that New Years day has no magical powers and can not really change anything.

Wish I was wrong about that. I wish the magical change of the year could sweep away the pandemic, the suffering, the injustice, the health issues, the death. I really do wish it could. I’d pay real money to see it.

I think the real wounds have been more about how we have no compassion for each other as humans. That failure is going to leave a mark we can’t just buff out. Wish that was something that had an easy fix, too. It has to be fixed, though, if we care going to survive. Not just live though the pandemic, but survive as a species.

It’s a big problem. It seems insurmountable.

All I can do about it I will. In the organizations I am part of, I will advocate for changes. In my personal life I will set myself on a road to a better world, and lead others on the path. All of us can do this. It is our duty to do it.

So that is what is to come. Facing the future with intention and thoughtfulness.

Maybe that’s what’s derailing my photography. I’ve been shooting mostly in reaction, like I was trained to do so long ago. Like I’ve been living my life. Moving forward with decisive intention and thoughtfulness could be what I’ve been lacking all along.

Intention and thoughtfulness. Here’s hoping they lead to a better tomorrow.

Happy new year, you lot. May it be brighter for us all.

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