Hey! Where’d you go? What I have been doing while I’ve been gone.

Just got back from the last work trip of the year last night.

I have worked in some non-work trips, a little bike riding, and some background for videos in to my time. Created a developing and scanning backlog to boot.

I still need to find some good neon for some cine film tests, and I’d like to get a good snowy day to get out and shoot one of my favorite weird objects. These are works still in progress.

I’m putting my toe back in to the large format pool. Spent some cash and had a mount built for a projector lens to put on my 4×5 and the results are intriguing. Depth of field at f2.5 is tricky, so I’m still getting the knack of it. The new lens isn’t the only change this time around.

Since I have hated every shot I took with a large format camera, I’m doing something different. I’m starting out with a different subject matter, and using a mixed approach of instant film/traditional black and white/RA-4 positives. That may be too many options to be sustainable so I reserve the right to change that up as I go.

The one change I have the most hope for so far is I have actually written out a cohesive sounding artists statement before I go rambling down the rabbit hole. Well, semi-cohesive anyway. Defining the why is a starting point that helps with so many other projects I have done, I just never applied it to photography very well. Its made me optimistic and allowed me to pre-visualize in a way I haven’t before. Here’s hoping this works.

If you follow me on the socials, you may notice some changes. I have abandoned both twitter/x and Mastodon. Mastodon has such promise, but fails in so many ways. It’s just as full of hate and racism as twitter is, and is just as ineffective in dealing with it while being as pleasant as a HOA meeting. I pulled my monetary support for it as well. Twitter’s problem is well known and documented. I’m active on Instagram and Bluesky, if you want to know what I am up to. I have invites to Bluesky if you want to try it. It’s like twitter used to be before it went entirely to shit.

I’ll be taking as many days as I can to work on my backlog and post more. I have one last sprint to sort out before the end of the year at work. Two at most. I’m looking forward to taking advantage of the winter months to post new things.

I hope you folks are all well. Take good care of yourselves, and hey . . . I hope to see you out there.


  1. November 11, 2023

    Hey there! Good to see you back. Large format is something I haven’t tried, and don’t feel interested in. Heck, I’ve got a beautiful medium format camera, my Ricohflex Dia, and I’ve hardly used it this year. 35mm is more my speed and my stable is stabilizing. Now I need to get into the darkroom more often and also create some photo projects rather than things I see.

    Oh yeah, would love to see you the next time I swing through Portland!

    • Andrew
      November 12, 2023

      I have a list of folks to see next time, and you’re on it. That last trip was unscheduled and short.

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