Forward to Spring

shoot-320We went from a serious snow storm to budding plants in a few days. Winter, it seems, gave up after a bit of a halfhearted attempt. As fast as a setting sun, it was gone. Rather suddenly, it seems, spring is here.

I’m doing a bit of a purge this spring, selling off some cameras to fund a large format lens, shutter, and board. Plus, things were getting a little tight in the Misfit Toy shelves. Spring cleaning is not my forte, but I’ll try my hand at it this year. It couldn’t hurt to do.

When the seasons change, I always seem to change a few things in my life. I suppose it’s only natural as the wheel turns to reflect that as well. My photography is heading toward some new directions. I find my self gravitating toward what I’ve always thought of as more thoughtful, slower tools. I’d never shot with rangefinders in the past, but I like the way they work. I like that it leads to a better result than when I use an SLR in general. I’m not sure what it is about the type of camera that does this, but I’m liking the way the images come out.

I’m about to spend more time with medium format. I’ve habitually left my Hasselbladski at home due it’s weight and the inconvenience of carrying around all those film backs. Now I’m hunting up a means to sling it more effectively. I’m looking for a wide that won’t break the bank. It’s time to lug the beast to the back country and see what I can find.

Mostly, I’m excited about moving in to large format. I’m looking for a 90mm to try and get some good landscapes and waiting for the time to send my Compur 1 back and get it CLAC’d. I’ve gotten a Mod54 to develop with, and I still have a bit of 4×5 stock to shoot, some 20 sheets or so.

shoot-321Most importantly, there are a pair of train tickets in my box, sleeper accommodations for my beloved and I to cross the country to the east coast and bicycle. A couple thousand miles of steel rails, around 350 miles of spinning pedals and covering gravel and chat, then another couple of thousand miles of rails back. Tomorrow, there are mountains I will visit and walk. This afternoon, I will spin some pedals and listen to the thrum of the tires on concrete and relearn the contours of my home.

It’s as if there are suddenly a myriad of pleasures laid out in front of me. The horizon has pushed back, and I am heading out to go find where the sky meets the ground.

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