Feed the Beast: deal with wanderlust

shoot-284There are not enough hours in the day, it seems. I have too many projects. More irons in the fire than a burning golf shop, as the saying goes. But I have to remember to take time to feed the beast.

I’m working on rebuilding another camera, and finishing a previous project that went amiss at the last moment. I have a developing backlog, and I need to finish shooting a few rolls on some other projects, which will just make that worse. But I still need to feed the beast.

I need to re-arrange my desk, rebuild my computer, scan a bazillion rolls of film. Thing after thing after thing needs to be done. I feel out of focus, scattered, and pulled in a dozen different directions. I’m overwhelmed by what needs to get done, and the lack of time to do it all in. This is because I haven’t made time to feed the beast.

This time of year, day hikes and walkabouts are my salvation. They let me clear my head and focus. They help me decide what is important. Those pictures of trails I post are leading me to deliverance. Leading me to that place where I can level out,  relax a bit, get centered, take a deep breath, and then get on with it. They never are enough to completely satisfy the beast that is my wanderlust, but they are enough to feed the beast, get it to go to sleep for a while, and allow me to work on other things.

shoot-283I sometimes worry when I walk to work in the mornings. I sometimes feel that I’ll just walk past the office and keep going, just one foot in front of the other until I hit the ocean. I realize I really can’t do this, but it calls to me anyway. So the best thing to do is feed the beast. I have to see if I can find a park with trails that can be navigated without snowshoes. Or I shoulder the Canon Model 7 and wander the streets and do a little city shooting.

A short walk is an excellent indulgence. It gets you out. It gets you engaged with the world. It gets your mind and eye working. It whets the wanderlust. It makes sure you offset the sitting you do, since sitting is the new smoking. So I go out, and wander, and see what I can see. In the city, in the woods, wherever I happen to have time to be. It lets me exercise the muscles I want to exercise, that I need to exercise.

And so, today, I will attack the projects. I will see about finding a 3D printer. I will develop some film. I will try to find directions on how to disassemble the lenses and shutters on no less than three cameras. I will fire up the scanner, and the Spotify, and go to town.

But first, I need to feed the beast.

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