End of the year

It’s traditional to do a post about the best things you shot or did at the end of the year. I’m not doing that. I think the best things I shot this year are being saved for a reveal at the end of a project in the new year. You’ll see them soon enough.

Some people do resolutions, but I’ve never been one for those either.

But here are the directions I’ll be going in 2016:

I’ll be rebuilding my 4×5 camera. I need to replace the ground glass and mounts, and decide if I want to retain the focal plane shutter. I need to remove the rangefinder as well. Then I need a proper tripod to use with it. Once those are done, I’ll be on the road with it more.

My Canon 7 will be over my shoulder more in the coming year, and I’ll be further back in to the mountains to find places to use it.

shoot-490I purchased a Contax body for the first time, and it’s going out with my M42 lenses on it. There will be more wide angle shots from high places as a result. I’ll be investing in some Zeiss glass, and want to use it to finish a portrait project.

I’d like to shoot more portraits in the coming year. I find them difficult, so that is why I want to do them.

This coming year, like all of them, has promise. I can’t wait to see what it brings.

Happy Hogmanay, sassenachs! Lang may yer lum reek!

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