Disclaimers and Such

I paid for everything I review. I’m not important enough for anyone to give me free stuff and let me write about it. I don’t think it would be worth the hassle to take it if anyone offered. I’d have to do more disclaimers. I didn’t like writing this one.

If you read the bit above, you’d know I pay for everything out of pocket. I research things in depth. As a result I mostly avoid the bum steers. Mostly.

There are trademarks and copyrighted material I name in reviews. These belong to their respective owners. Obviously.

I’ve always had a policy about dealing with anon posts. That policy is they get deleted. I don’t waste time on trolls. Folks who create a new account just to post tend to get looked askance at as well. If you want to pick fights, lecture pedantically, or generally be a jerk, feel free to register your own web site and have at it. I’m not paying for the upkeep of this one so you can.

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