Bit of a cold, short walk

I’ve not been walking as much as I should. When we lived downtown, we walked everywhere. The suburbs aren’t really set up for it. It shows when I go for a walk.

I haven’t been carrying a camera as much, either. Maybe it’s because I was raised in one, but I just don’t find suburban neighborhoods very photogenic. I drive to the bus stop to roll in to work these days, and I’m welded to the chair while I am there. The only time I get out of the building is when I leave to go home.

This is not a complaint, just an observation. As a result, I’m out of practice. Both legs and eye need more exercise.

So, to offset this, changes are being made. I’m going to have to tough it out this winter, and get out in the cold to do the work.

More time afoot, more time in places I want to see. More practice.

The haul from the short break a week ago has led to diagnosing my problems with getting Ilford Delta 400 in HC-110 to give me better results. Less grainy, more smooth. Looks like next time I expose at 320, and perhaps change dilutions to give me a longer development time. Still adjusting to the very hard water here. But it seems Photo-flo saved me from the worst of it.

My lovely wife knitted together a nice, hilly 20 mile bike loop that wanders through some spaces I want to take pictures of. They’re part of the flood control efforts of the city and county, but the result is kind of an urban, man-made canyon space that’s oddly interesting to look at. I managed to get through most of a roll on yesterday’s ride in one of my plastic faux panorama cameras. I’m interested to see how they came out. I’m going to have to work a bit to get what I want out of the shots I take of them, but it’s nice to have something in mind before I start. A quantifiable goal. I hope to get some printable results.

If nothing else, time spent wandering around on the literal hundreds of miles of paths set aside for walks and bicycle rides in this area is well spent. The twenty miles covered yesterday was accompanied by a stout headwind, but still fun.

More of this is called for, and soon.

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