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I’m still rattling around in the world. I’m heading out this week to visit four mountain towns, an active steam railroad, two ghost town sites, three hot springs, one of John Wayne’s old sets, and to take a short, but beautiful hike. Things have been busy and I need to take a dev day and catch up on the scanning so I have something to show you soon.

I’m hoping to have some videos ready for release as well. I’m taking a lot of footage on the trip while I am out.

I was just dropping a note to let you know I am on the front end of some changes. Particularly some changes to this website.

Automattic, the owners of WordPress, are introducing an AI writing assistant. I’m in the early stages of moving everything to a new platform. You may see some problems. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Why am I making changes? Well, tech folks look at the world backwards from my point of view. Writing text, telling stories, and being creative are things they do not understand and view as drudgery, so they automate it. That way they can concentrate on what they feel is important, writing code. I am the opposite. I want simple interfaces that get out of the way and let me do the things I love. Just a minimalist content management system that lets me create as I see fit.

Our world views are becoming incompatible.

Change is the natural result of experience. That’s all that’s happening. I’ll be devoting some time to thinking about what that change looks like while I sit in hot mineral water taking in the beauty of the San Juans after clambering around with my old, battle scarred cameras. Moving on and making changes is healthy and good.

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  1. August 22, 2023

    Ironically AI is probably better at writing code than writing blog posts. Writing code probably isn’t a viable career path any longer.

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