A Zine is Coming

The first time I did a layout for a zine, I was leaning on my black leather jacket on the floor of a Kinkos, it was midnight, I was surreptitiously drinking a PBR out of a brown bag, and blasting the Misfits on my Walkman. The zine was black and white, and damn near anarchist.

Fast forward a lot of years, and yeah, this one is different.

Took me a bit to get my head around it, but it’s all done, sitting in neat stacks, waiting for me to get things ready.

I’ve had a bit of a setback with the store (WordPress update LOL) so the sales won’t start today as I had hoped they would.

I’ll be putting together an article that outlines the whole process start to finish. And putting up the store on another of my websites. I hope it’s the first of a series. Anyway, watch this space- the announcement is coming soon.

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