A Sign of the Times

I had originally planned a post about the lack of travel for today.

But things seem weighty. Injustice causing civil unrest, global pandemic, unemployment at record highs, stock market crashing, all at once. It’s as if history’s worst all time hits all decided to come visit at the same time. The only thing lacking is a dust bowl sand storm, and the summer isn’t done yet, so maybe don’t count that out.

It’s been hard for me to be creative, what with all the pressure. I’m still working that out- finishing rolls of film already loaded in to cameras, pulling neglected cameras off shelves to mess with next. Not looking at my development backlog, since that makes me antsy at the best of times.

I went and got a hair cut for the first time since February, and it was very surreal. Roads closed, massive police presence moving around, barely any people out on the streets. But I think the thing that drove it home the most was the closure of Union Station. For the first time since it was reopened after being redeveloped, the Train Hall was empty. Not even the commuter trains were running in and out. Fittingly, the “Travel by Train” sign was not lit.

Our regular lives are closed right now. We need to make some changes and repairs. If we make the right ones, it can be a new, different, beautiful life. We must do it.

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